I like reality television.  I do not watch a lot of TV, except for news, but when I do it is usually something reality related.  A few of my guilty pleasures are just silly shows about rich women or people dating and are just for pure fun and that is okay.  Back in late 2008, however, as I was awaiting my upcoming weight loss surgery, I came across something very different.  Here was this beautiful red-headed woman with an infectious smile, sharing her very personal life-long battle with obesity on the air.

The show was on Style Network and was called “Ruby”

I was immediately drawn in as she described the failed diets and years of struggles.  My heart broke as she showed the audience around her home which was specially designed to accommodate her weight.  There were concrete blocks under her mattress, a special sized chair that her friends gave her for Christmas, and other things to make life a little easier for her large body.

Through it all, she was smiling.  I mean a huge, beautiful, smile that just draws you in instantly.  I could immediately relate to her calling her disease of obesity “The Beast” because that is exactly what it is for so many of us.  She was comparing her issues with food to those of a drug addict or alcoholic and all of a sudden I found myself just breaking down into tears.

This was not your typical show where the participants show up heavy, get onto a diet program, add a personal trainer, and by the end of the show they are skinny!  No, this was real, and raw and it touched my very soul.  Everything she was dealing with was so similar to my world at the time.  I was a food addict and seeing a fellow addict on the screen facing the same demons I faced and not understanding why just captivated me.

For four seasons, Ruby has opened up both her heart and home and shared her journey with us all.  She has come such a long way from 715 pounds.  She has lost over 400 pounds over the years and says she still has a way to go, but she is getting there!  What makes Ruby even more appealing is her honesty.  She doesn’t just show us the good and happy times on her show.  She shows us the true ugliness and harshness and horror of “The Beast”.

How many of us have lost a lot of weight and regained some or all of it at one point?  How many of us have been on vacation and made poor eating choices and suffered the consequences?  How many of us have been out in public and felt the staring eyes or cruel jeers of people who have a negative stereotype in their minds about the obese?

Ruby is someone that anyone who is struggling with the disease of obesity can relate to on so many levels.  She is the most unpretentious person I have ever come across.  What you see is what you get and she does not try to candy-coat anything.  She acknowledges from day one that she is suffering form a horrible disease and admits her addiction.  Ruby realizes that her weight is just a symptom of something deeper and involves so much more than just putting down the fork.  This is the case for so many of us who battle “The Beast” daily.

This show has touched lives in so many ways.  This is not just for people who are taking the journey without bariatric intervention, or with bariatric intervention, it is for anyone who suffers from obesity and is trying to recover from it in whatever way works best for them.  Who can forget the episode where Ruby went to visit kids at a weight loss camp and was able to transform one young girl who was literally bullied out of school and was being home-schooled into a more confident young lady who was no longer afraid to leave her house?  This young lady ended up actually entering and finishing third in a pageant for plus-sized teens.  Child after child came up to Ruby and thanked her for showing them that they can still go after their dreams and lose the weight and beat “The Beast”.

Who was not moved by seeing Ruby achieve so many firsts? First bike ride, horse ride, getting on a motorcycle, going camping, going down a water-slide, fit into a seat on an airplane, etc.  These are real issues that we all face daily along this journey and Ruby is opening up her world and sharing all of this with us.

The fan page for Ruby’s show on Facebook has over 96,000 fans.  That is an incredible number of people being touched by her story in some way.  These are just a few comments from Ruby’s fans:

“Ruby has been a huge inspiration to me. I see her on her journey to being healthy and it has given me the push I need to do it for myself. I watch reruns of her show over and over and it would be such a help to so many if we could all catch up with her. I am sure she had saved countless lives by allowing us to be a part of her life. Thank you Ruby!!!”

“Ruby has inspired me to start my journey of beating a 23 year addiction to food, and find myself and figure out who I really am. I went to one of her boot camps and was so excited to meet her and the gang, and they truly are who you see on the show! I love them all and I can’t wait to see the next chapter in Ruby’s journey ! ♥ me some Ruby!”

“Seeing how far Ruby has come on her weight loss journey has been a true inspiration for me. I have lost 70lbs since April of this year. Even though she has had setbacks she has picked herself back up and kept going which I always remind myself when of I’m struggling. Praying she will be back on tv soon!”

Now we are hearing that Ruby is waiting to hear from Style, which is part of NBC/Universal now about whether or not she is being renewed for a fifth season.  In my mind, I cannot see how there can even be a question as to whether or not to renew?  The networks keep shows that are just for fun and really do not HELP people, not that that is wrong, but they are actually wondering whether or not to keep a show that brings awareness to such a big issue?  I cannot wrap my head around this fact.  Obesity is one of the most deadly diseases we face in America.  It is a huge problem all over the world.  Why are shows like this in danger of being cancelled?  Look at what happened to “Big Medicine.”

I cannot sit here and just do nothing and see “Ruby” suffer the same fate when she is clearly helping so many people and changing lives.  Awareness must be raised that obesity is a real disease and an ugly disease that is killing people daily.  Awareness must be raised that food addiction is just as real as an addiction to cocaine and alcohol and cigarettes.  Shows like “Ruby” help raise this awareness and so we all have to do what we can to keep Ruby’s show on the air.

We all need to speak up and let NBC/Universal and Style know that we want to see Ruby complete her journey.  How can we help?  There are several ways.

You can call Frances Berwick, who is the President of Style Network and tell her you want Ruby to stay on the air.  You can reach her at 212 664 4444.

You can also email Kathy Kelly-Brown

and Adriene Bowles

and tell them you want to see more of Ruby and her journey.  The people who make the decisions need to know that shows like this are needed and wanted on the air.

You can also go to Ruby’s official page and show her your support!  The fun shows are fun, but we also need the shows with real substance that can and do change lives!  To hear my interview with Ruby, just go to The Bariatric Guru page and LIKE the page.  You will get all of the updates on Fit Living radio show and when Ruby appears as well as other guests who are all fighting the fight with us to beat “The Beast.”

Together we can all beat this terrible disease!





About Erin Akey

I am a formerly morbidly obese wife, mother, Christian, author, speaker, water fitness instructor, nutritionist, anti-obesity advocate, and Emerald Ambassador with Plexus Worldwide. I am passionate about helping people fight the disease of obesity and also preventing and addressing obesity in children. I believe we have so many amazing tools available to treat this disease and we all need to take advantage of the ones we feel are right for us. I am also passionate about women taking the time to care for their needs. We live in a world where so many of us spend all of our time taking care of others that we neglect ourselves. I am all about making God the center of everything and letting His will take control of our lives and watching the beautiful blessings come from that release of power! Live, Laugh, and LOVE every day! Be grateful and be humble and watch the world around you change!
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77 Responses to PLEASE GET INVOLVED!

  1. cindy rice says:

    I’ve missed ruby on style and so want her to keep up the work on style network.ruby has helped me to stay on track.we all need some inspiration from time to time and please put her back on to finish up her journey .

  2. Kathy Smith says:

    I would encourage ANY network to pick this show up…Ruby’s dynamic personality and her ability to “smile” through all of it is beyond my capacity of reasoning. It is people like Ruby that not only inspire, but cause people to know “they can”.

    • Please keep Ruby on Style!!! It is one of the best shows I have ever seen!!! She has the personality and warmth to reach so many people!!! She works hard and has come so far with her weight loss, it is amazing and it gives others hope and encouragement. I saw the show where she climbed and crossed a bridge even though it was very difficult and hurt her knees. I love how she gets out and does things and goes places, and does not let her weight hold her back!!! I love how she gets more beautiful with every pound she loses!!! Please keep her show on to help and encourage so many people like me!!!

    • Linda Garrity says:


  3. Mary says:

    in the last few months, I’ve watched Ruby on Netflix; but I have no other way of watching her show or keeping up. I felt like Ruby was my best friend…how crazy is that? I need Ruby’s story, her encouragement, because she “gets” it. Hopefully another season will be available soon. Ruby is saving my life. Please keep Ruby on TV!


  4. Lisa says:

    Ruby is my inspiration I have lost 34lbs and feel great! Keep up the good work Ruby
    We need Ruby!

  5. Edward and Polli says:

    Ruby has changed my life. After watching her show, I finally had the courage to start eating right and going to the gym, by myself! Denny couldnt be with Ruby because of her weight, I cried. I feel a connection with Ruby. Ruby’s life is a mirror to my life. Ruby helped me to be strong and realize I’m beautiful just the way I am. Ruby helped me live my life again.


  6. Julie says:

    Because of Ruby I came to realize that I have a food addiction and have found treatment. She is so genuine and her struggles are that of many obese men and women. We are not freaks, lazy, or slobs we are simply people with problems just like anyone else. The TV networks out there should take notice and get Ruby back on the air. Her story is profoundly moving and we are missing out!

  7. kerry walters says:

    WE WANT RUBY BACK………………………..! WHAT’S UP STYLE???

  8. Angie Coleman says:

    Ruby is so inspiring! What is wrong with Style? They have changed their network to be like all the others. What Ruby is doing is far from easy. Ruby still has a lot of recovery yet ahead of her, and Style network should not determine her pace, they are criticizing & attacking Ruby. Ruby has a relapse or gains weight and they do not want her back. They haven’t played her show once since it ended. What a slap in the face to Ruby and all of us who suffers from an addiction. I sure hope Ruby’s TV show continues, but if it doesn’t Ruby’s bravery will continue to inspire me on my own journey for a long time to come. Oprah needs to get Ruby on her network. Ruby’s weight gain is just a couple steps back. True reality! Ruby we need you & your family back. Angie Coleman

  9. Susan says:

    Yes! We want Ruby back! Love the show, she is such an inspiration to so many.

  10. Allyson Kennedy says:


  11. Tina says:

    I really want to see Ruby back on tv! Style, Own, Anyone. I cant wait to watch her shows and she is so funny too! This is the only show I watch on style network.

  12. Cassidy Knight says:

    It is difficult to find inspiring and positive programming especially in the reality genre. Once I discovered ‘Ruby’ I became an instant fan. The quality and style of the show make this show stand alone. WE WANT RUBY! Cass

  13. Sarah G says:

    Style makes me mad!!! Ruby had a set back & gained some weight back and Style is now dropping her! Ruby’s setback made me get back up and try again! Ruby is such an inspiration to many people. Ruby’s journey has helped many others deal with emotions, weight gain and its daily struggles painful memories of the past and to me i feel as though I am not alone and i would love to see ruby as she continues her journey . If Style doesn’t want Ruby Oprah will or maybe TLC. Sarah G

  14. Gracie says:

    Ruby is the only reason I watch Style. 🙂 She’s such an inspiration.

  15. Tori Myers says:

    MORE RUBY, MORE RUBY, MORE RUBY, MORE RUBY I want to see Ruby’s continuing journey!! She is so real, ups and downs… she doesn’t just decide to lose some weight and wake up the next day all svelte…. as is the case w/some shows…. she has drawn us into her life and for one, I feel like she could easily be family! She gave me the drive to keep on goin’ thru stuff (not JUST weight … LIFE) b/c she DOES NOT give up, even thru the ups and downs! 🙂 Tori Myers

  16. Simone fr IN says:

    We do not want Ruby’s show cancelled.
    Ruby is my favorite TV show. I don’t want to miss any episodes; so, I TIVO and save them. I’ve really been missing her during this summer. I really, really want to see more episodes in the fall and winter of 2011-2012. Please bring her back. She is my inspiration. Her shows HELP me stay on my plan, and I’ve been falling by the wayside since she’s not been here to help me.

  17. Janice White says:

    Theres a reason why everyone is begging to bring Ruby back! its because she is the most inspirational person you could ever look up to! she doesnt hold back! you see her ups and her downs, and she is so strong! we have to see it through the end, not just for us, but for her as well! dont do it for us, do it for her! she deserves it! we all love you ruby and Ruby is amazing!!!!

  18. Robi Smith says:

    Please bring reruns and new episodes of Ruby back to The Style Network. She has helped so many people,and continues helping those that have issues with their weight. I would hate to stop watching NBC and The Style network just because they failed to realize how important this show is. I find it strange that Ruby gains a little weight back and Style doesn’t show her again. That will infuriate me if she does not come back.

  19. MaryEllen says:

    I think it would be a great idea for Ruby to join forces with First Lady, Michelle Obama in her national fight against obesity with kids. Ruby gets along so well with kids, she hads and is going to make a difference in so many peoples lives with her story. She just seems to have a way of drawing people in. Maybe its her southern innocence or just her love for life. Whatever it is, we love it. We want more RUBY!!! Lets FIGHT for Ruby!

  20. Evie says:

    Please bring Ruby back. It is one of my favorite shows! My mother was an obese woman and over the years I have had to struggle with my weight as well. I think many women identify with her even if they don’t have as much weight to lose. If she can do it, there is no excuse for us not to at least try. Please fight to bring Ruby back!!!

  21. Heather says:

    What is wrong with Style? I miss seeing Ruby on TV!!! When will Ruby’s next episodes be airing on the Style Network? Is the Ruby show in discussion to be seen somewhere else?
    Ruby is the most amazing and inspirational person I have ever had the pleasure of watching!
    please don’t leave the TV! We need you!

  22. Janet says:

    Please bring Ruby back, she gave those of us suffering with this addiction hope. But at the same time she was “real” about it, sometimes she slipped, just like real people do. That’s what we want to see in a reality show is reality not some made up bunch of mess with people arguing all the time. Ruby was a breath of fresh air, please put her show back on and let us see her succeed and maintain her weightloss. Let her teach us.

  23. Anonymous says:

    It would be a HUGE loss to TV to not have Ruby! I am sick of watching housewives with their rich lives complaining! After watching Ruby your perspective changes about what’s important. I have gotten some really good insights from Ruby’s struggles and I have had some breakthroughs of my own. I do not have weight issues! I have a lot of other issues. Thank you, Ruby. You have made a difference; at least for me. Oprah, people need her.

  24. MEG says:


  25. Kelly Hall says:

    I would watch Ruby everynight if I could. She inspires me so much to keep at it.

    • Jo says:

      What can I say that hasent already been said…I can only tell the network, Ruby is so real, She make people feel they are not alone..She knows from experience how it feel to be over weight. I was watching ABC and watched one of the house wives from New Jersey put on a fat suit…and you got to watch how she was discriminated…The only thing is, She got to take the suit off!
      Now if people get to watch a REAL person go through it,How great would it be to watch and join her and do it together…The network has to see it would be a plus for them to leave it on and dont disappoint soooo many people!! It has nothing to do with a pay check for Ruby.
      It has to do with every person out there that has a weight problem..
      Don’t be like ABC or anyone that can take a fat suit of…
      Be REAL like RUBY!!!!

  26. Deborah Gaughran says:

    I truely wish someone would pick up the Ruby show. I really miss watching Ruby and her friends. I miss the inspiration, the stories and most of all I miss seeing Miss Ruby. She is fabulous and quite entertaining. Please Please Please someone pick up her show!!! Deborah Gaughran ❤

  27. Carrie A. Merriman says:

    I hope to see Ruby back on the air soon!!! I have truly enjoyed watching her journey. She is the only “reality star” worth watching in my opinion, because she is a real person with real struggles and such an incredible inspiration to so many people. We love Ruby, help us bring her back to TV! ~Carrie Merriman, Pittsburgh, PA/Los Angeles, CA

  28. Lori Miears says:

    I absolutely love Ruby!! So inspiring, sweet and watching her show makes me so hacky!! Any network would be lucky to call her show their own!!

  29. LISA ROMANO says:


  30. Shireen says:

    Bring Ruby Back to Television! She is a wonderful inspiration for so many!!!

  31. Anna says:

    Please bring the tv show Ruby back on. She was such an inspiration to so many of us. the show was fantastic and I miss it and her so much. So Style bring it back on!!!!!!!

  32. Why do we have shows about money-grubbing, immoral families, drunken partying kids, pregnant (and sometimes abusive) teens and cheating, promiscuous men and women, but a show like RUBY that brings a positive message of inspiration and help out there for the millions of people who are afflicted by the obesity epidemic is not on television! Bring back Ruby! She has inspired me to get healthy and to truly appreciate people for who they are on the inside. She is a wonderful role model! Please put Ruby back on tv!

  33. Lindsey says:

    Ruby has done such a great job! Ruby keeps inspiring! She is the GREATEST!!!
    Style doesn’t deserve her. I will cancel them.

  34. Karen says:

    I am totally disgusted they would think about canceling Ruby’s show! They rot! They will be sorry if they do this! Big mistake Style! Lets fight and get Ruby with another network if they get rid of her! We love Ruby!

  35. Lena says:

    Please keep Ruby on T.V., taking her off would be a disservice to (us,we) her followers. We have seen her on her good and bad days, while she has taken this journey. Not seeing Ruby finishing her goal would be just insensitive. There are plenty of other shows that can be taken off or put on at another time, and KEEP RUBY’S SHOW ON THE AIR ! She gives people hope and inspiration, knowing that, if she can do it we can too. So I Thank You in advance for keeping Ruby on t.v. with a good time slot.

  36. Rebecca Laing says:

    I want my Ruby back. She is an inspiration and a wonderful down to earth person I can relate to is my struggle to get and keep my weight under control. She has a great support team with her friends and they are fun to watch as well. Much more fun and exciting than all the left coast Barbie dolls! I want to see REAL PEOPLE, Like RUBY, GEORGIA and JEFF!!!!!!

  37. Marie Cupo says:

    Watching Ruby is so heart warming…This is real life show… We have to many bad things in life so it’s great to have a positive funny heart warming show…. I love watching and can’t wait to join her …. All my friends watch too,

  38. sharon says:

    PLEASE, PLEASE, somebody, put ruby back on tv!!! she is a true inspiration to millions of people, besides the fact she is a great person. one any of us would be proud to say was our friend. OPRAH, WISH YOU WOULD STEP UP& PUT HER ON YOUR NETWORK!!!

  39. Ruby is such an inspiration! I too can’t believe there is even a question of whether or not her show will be renewed. Please get her back on the air. Her story, her successes, her struggles told with her charm and honest is so helpful for so many of us!

  40. Dianna Young says:

    I loved watching the Ruby show. I don’t have alot of time to watch tv but I always took the time for this show. I loved how inspiring her story is and I think it was one of the best on television. Please bring back Ruby!

  41. David & Amanda says:

    I began with Ruby in the beginning and would LOVE to be able to see her through the rest of her journey! PLEASE bring RUBY back and keep her on, she is such an inspiration to so many!!!!!!! I Love RUBY, DENNY, JEFF, GEORGIA, JIM, BEN, ZAC & ESPECIALLY FOXY, HER THERAPIST, TRAINERS the support system created for RUBY, and many, many more…..

  42. Maxie says:

    Please tell Style keep this show on because it is relates to all of who are overweight and shows others how hard it truly is being overweight. She gives me more inspiration than The Biggest Loser because it shows the ups and down of life of a overweight person, what it’s really like losing weight on your own without being locked away for months at a time.
    I hope Style is not canceling her show because she had a set back. How horrible if this is the reason. I better not find out this is why? Lifetime should pick Ruby’s show up.

  43. Karla Walker says:

    Ruby, watching your show last year inspired me to seek treatment for my food disorder. After a year now, I have gone through much treatment and therapy and healing and recovery. I don’t medicate with food any more. Thank you for your show and for allowing us to have a peek into your life and how you struggle with food addiction and weight loss. I hope and pray that Style Network brings the “Ruby” show back as soon as possible! Ruby is my angel!

  44. Cindy says:

    Please, Please, Please bring Ruby back. We need her to inspire us every day and help us know that we are not alone. We need her to stay in our lives! Come on Style!

  45. Tammi says:

    BIG MISTAKE if you Don’t bring Ruby back. Ruby is the reason I am still alive. She inspired me to lose 135 pounds. I met Ruby at the airport and she is more Sweet and Genuine than you see on her show. She has fans ALL OVER the WORLD…so why WOULDN’T Style bring her back.

  46. Andersons says:

    PLEASE bring Ruby back!!!! She is such an inspiration. She is soooo real & you feel like you actually know her. It is so cool to see her put her fears aside and do what she knows she has to, if she wants to live. You feel her hacky, you feel her pain. It is just so great to see someone open themselves up to not only help herself, but to help others in those same shoes. My whole family just loves Ruby. Bring Ruby back

  47. Daria Hockenbury says:

    Ruby is the very best of reality TV. Each and every show touches the deepest part of mu soul.

  48. Amy says:

    Ruby is truely and inspiration and a joy to watch! I can’t wait to see the new season! Please continue to do the show, it is so important to myself as well as others who can also relate to the same life and weight issues. We need Ruby!!!

  49. KN says:

    Bring Ruby’s show back. I know she inspires us all.

  50. Sally Parker says:

    Because of Ruby I made friends with 13 girls from WW. We would talk about Ruby all the time. We started getting together to watch Ruby! We need Ruby! We want to watch Ruby finish! Who cares if she had a set back. We all have set backs and that’s what makes Ruby’s show real to us. We all find it strange Style has not played any more of her episodes, no reruns NOTHING!!!
    Is it because she gained weight? What a message to send us that are suffering with an addiction! That is the last thing we need. Poor Ruby what she must feel. Hopefully this is not the case. We want Ruby!

  51. Linda Garrity says:

    ‘Get Ruby back on’!!!!!…”Ruby if they do not pick up the show”….contact Oprah!….she would see how great you being on the Oprah Channel would be..I Love you Ruby!! Praying for You……It took me 5.5 years to lose 120 lbs had a set back do to health issues but getting better and starting losing again. Still have 100lbs to go….Pray for me too!!! OK?

  52. Jane Reese says:

    You are such an inspirational woman. I feel I am seeing an old friend I hadnt seen for awhile. PLEASE BRING RUBY BACK!

  53. Sarah says:

    Of all the trash on tv they can’t realize themselves that there is actually a show causing people to improve their lives like the Ruby show? They ought to be ashamed of themselves if they cancel Rubys show.
    I love being able to give my honest opinion!

  54. Mamamia says:

    I actually contribute part of the success of my own weightloss to watching Rubys show. I literally would say to myself “if Ruby can beat this so can I”. It would be sad to lose her motivation to the world of obesity.

  55. Texas fan says:

    Hi, I just wanted to say I LOVED the radio interview with Ruby. I have been watching her show since the beginning and would be devastated if they just drop her show at this point in her life because I am on this road with her in my own life. They have to bring the show back!!

  56. Anonymous says:

    Come on tv networks we have a show about a guy with a half a dozen wives another one about mothers who dress up their poor children and show them off like toy dolls, hey even a show about people who get in swamp water to catch fish with their hands. A SHOW ABOUT A REAL PERSON DEALING WITH A PROBLEM SO MANY AMERICAN SHARE WOULDN’T MAKE SENSE??????
    We need Ruby!!!

  57. Rita WH says:


  58. Keri says:

    They better bring ruby back i love you girl

  59. janine MB says:

    I love Ruby i would give anything to have her determenation i am over weight i went to a Dr recently for help and all he did was give me a RX for legal speed xanax.and valium & 4 others
    i sat in my car in the parking lot and cried i did NOT fill any of them ….
    Its hard doing this alone…
    So proud of Ruby i want to be able to hold my head up as she.does Big.hugs & Blessings

  60. Shirley. says:

    Ruby is a remarkable woman and has changed many obese peoples lives. Please, please bring her back.
    Shirley from South Africa.

  61. Ann says:

    I used to watch Ruby religiously, I have lost 36 lbs, and need to lose about 100 lbs more. Ruby was an inspiration to me and still is. I miss Ruby and want her back. Can’t the Style network see what Ruby was doing for them. Without Ruby to watch, I NEVER watch the network anymore. Without Ruby to watch, I don’t care about anything that they have to offer. I love the natural way Ruby has of not letting her weight interfere with what she wants to do. I want to be more like her. Please bring her show back, we miss Ruby.. ❤ A 70 year old wants Ruby to come back. (me)

  62. I liked the show. She seemed to have a great personality on it. Very inspirational that she was able to lose the amount of weight that she did. However Ruby does not seem to want to deal with her fans in person unless it benefits her. I sent her several emails inviting her to the Savannah WLS Meet & Greet and she never bothered to respond. I sent her a few emails about another event and NO response there either. But when her ratings started to go down and the show is in jeopardy…………….then all of a sudden she wants to engage with her fans to save the show. That I did not appreciate. 😦

    • Maria did you have her correct addy or one through the show? She answered me from day one way before the show was in jeopardy. I hate that happened. She has always been very good about responding to fans as long as she was in the country etc.

  63. Angela Marsh says:

    Please bring Ruby back to Style..She is an inspiration to all of us women and men that are fighting the battle of obesity. I watched every show that came on and if I wasn’t able to watch it, you can bet i had it on dvr.. Ruby was very outgoing and seemed to be comfortable with who she is, no matter what her weight, I really admired and envied that , because i’m not out going at all with my weight and i let it hold me back from doing many things i like to do with my 4 boy’s.

  64. Pingback: Please HELP KEEP THIS SHOW ON THE AIR! WE LOVE RUBY! | The Bariatric Guru

  65. Hannah McCune says:

    Ruby loves the Lord and she is showing everyone how to beat her beast!!

  66. jpelton says:

    I love this show. It is a shame if they don’t keep it on. Ruby inspires so many people. Keep it going. If Style won’t pick it up I hope another network does. I watch the reruns all the time.

  67. Wendy Monroe says:

    i miss ruby so much please put the show back on

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