Healthy Through the Holidays- Week 2! November 14-20

All I can say about Week 1 is WOW!  Reading your daily posts about things you can do now that you couldn’t do before losing weight, or for those just starting their journey, reading your goals and dreams for the future gave me just as much inspiration as it did you.  I want you to take a moment today and look at the page of your notebook that you used to record your daily events this past week and just reflect for a moment.

You all have so much to both be proud of and to look forward to in the coming weeks and months.  It is so easy as we go about the daily grind of life; and maybe do not see exactly the results we want as fast as we want; to feel like we have failed in some way or are not successful.  Now, you all have a list of WINS on paper to look at anytime you are feeling down or wondering if all of this work is paying off or worth it.  And for the newbies, you have a set of dreams to focus on on those rough days.

We cannot beat ourselves up along this journey and we all do it at some point.  I am so guilty of this and a few months ago, I actually let a very unfortunate person in my world make me feel like a failure for not looking like a bikini model. I know many of you read the blog about my former “friend” who actually told me I was clearly a failure for not losing “all of my weight” and a “joke” and had no right to work with weight loss patients because I had not gotten down to a size that SHE deemed made me a success.

Even though I was half the dress size I had been before my surgery and had just finished my first half- marathon (oh and because I walked for part of it and did not run the whole 13.1 miles I was reminded to tell people that was a joke too….yeah this woman has serious issues and I realize that now), I was a joke and a fraud in her mind because I did not fit her and the media’s idea of what fit and healthy was.  After getting over my anger and disgust with this nasty human, I realized that she actually did me a favor and helped me create my new mission of making people realize that their success is NOT TIED TO A NUMBER ON THE SCALE OR A DRESS SIZE.  

Optimal health should be our ultimate goal, not looking a certain way for anyone else or to fit anyone else’s mold.  Skinny does not equal healthy nor does not being a size 6 mean we are not healthy.  STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP BECAUSE OF THE SCALE AND FOCUS ON HOW MUCH YOU HAVE ACCOMPLISHED!!!

I want all of you to promise me that you will never again beat yourself up for not fitting into someone else’s mold of what you should look like.

So, that was my sermon for the day!  Now on to Week 2!

This week I want to really focus on two areas.  Once again, vitamins and also EXERCISE!  Start a new page in your notebooks again and at the top, once again write in big letters, TAKE MY VITAMINS! I want you to see that message every day!

Next, I want you to commit to doing some type of exercise for AT LEAST 15 MINUTES ON MONDAY!  I do not care what you do, as long as it is cardio of some type.  That can be walking, riding a bike, jogging, playing tennis, doing heavy housework, or anything else that gets your heart rate going.  (Get your mind out of the gutter this minute!  I was NOT ABOUT to list that!)

Here is the goal.  I want you to push yourself a bit so however long you exercise on Monday, I want you to add five minutes each day for the rest of the week and do this at least four days.  You get a post for each day, so if you do seven days, you get seven entries!  If you do 4 times and start at 15 minutes, you should be at 30 minutes by the end of the week!

If you do not have a place to go for a walk, or ride a bike etc., just turn on the TV and walk in place for 15 minutes while watching your favorite TV show.   Here is the key- even on days where you are tired and not in the mood to exercise, I want you to do this.  I would love to see 7 days, but will settle for a minimum of 4.  Before you exercise, write on your page how you are feeling for the day.  Then write what you did, and how you are feeling afterwards.  Like this:

Monday Nov. 14- I am so tired this morning and feeling like I want to stay in bed. I just did a 1 mile walk. Now I feel energized and less droopy.

See how easy that is?  Three things: 1. How you feel that day   2. What you did    3. How you felt afterwards.

You will start to see by the end of the week, that even on days where you are dragging or feeling tired, a little bit of exercise can change your mood and outlook.

For those who I know just had surgeries, or have a lack of mobility, email me and we will come up with something you can do that is safe and within the guidelines of your personal situation.

I want everyone to do the exercise once again where on the back of your page, you track each time you make a bad eating choice and how you were feeling when it happened.  No one posted about those last week, so if anyone is willing to share some of those here to encourage others and show that we all face the same demons, please do so!

We can do this together!!!!!!!  Also, if anyone had a weight loss last week that they would like to share, post it here as well! You can also post on the Bariatric Guru Facebook page and I will share some of them on the radio show next week!

Be sure to “LIKE” the page so that you always know who the guest is on Fit Living and what is going on that week!!!

By next week when the first big holiday challenge of Thanksgiving is here, we will all be armed with some tools for beating “The Beast” as my friend Ruby calls it!







About Erin Akey

I am a formerly morbidly obese wife, mother, Christian, author, speaker, water fitness instructor, nutritionist, anti-obesity advocate, and Emerald Ambassador with Plexus Worldwide. I am passionate about helping people fight the disease of obesity and also preventing and addressing obesity in children. I believe we have so many amazing tools available to treat this disease and we all need to take advantage of the ones we feel are right for us. I am also passionate about women taking the time to care for their needs. We live in a world where so many of us spend all of our time taking care of others that we neglect ourselves. I am all about making God the center of everything and letting His will take control of our lives and watching the beautiful blessings come from that release of power! Live, Laugh, and LOVE every day! Be grateful and be humble and watch the world around you change!
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7 Responses to Healthy Through the Holidays- Week 2! November 14-20

  1. Week 1 was terrific and I’m looking forward to Week 2! Please double-check your comments section on the week 1 post because Joia and I did post some temptations. Thanks!

    • I see that! I think I worded that wring as what i meant to say was that I was hoping to see more post about the temptations and bad times to try and encourage others! i appreciate you guys posting what you did!!!! thank you!

  2. Joia Jones says:

    Thanks for a great week 1 – looking forward to week 2! On this post, though, you mentioned that no one posted about bad food choices for week 1? I posted twice on the instructions for week 1…I thought that was where you wanted them?

    • I guess I did not word that well! I wanted to see more people posting in that area. I know we all struggle with that issue so much and thought it could really be helpful. I am very thankful for those of you who DID post though!!!

  3. Lisa says:

    I have a question about week 2. I already work out a LOT!! For example: today I’ve already done bootcamp (about 40 minutes) and plan to go back @ 4:25 for Body Pump & Cycling class.. these will be about 50 min each.

    Tuesday my plan is Yoga & Step aerobics. Then I might go back for Zumba in the pm. & I want to go by the Karate place that the rest of my family used to attend and see if I want to take that up.

    Wed: Yoga, Cycling, Bootcamp in the am, Pump & more yoga in the pm.

    and the week goes on….

    I don’t really see where I can ADD more exercise….what do you think?

    • Lisa if you are already a strong exerciser, just post what you are doing. that is fantastic that you have great habits in place already! no need to add as you are well above the 30 minutes three – four times a week. Hopefully you can inspire others!!! WAY TO GO!

      • Lisa says:

        Ok… thanks. 🙂 btw: bootcamp isn’t an ongoing thing.. I do bootcamp sporadically as I find it’s challenging to my joints and I need to give them time to recover, so I do a BC about every 3rd or 4th cycle (they’re usually 5 to 6 weeks long). Last one before this was in May or June I think. My gym also doesn’t always have a 10am BC.. and I don’t wanna go at 5:30am or 4:30pm.. I’m still a bit on the lazy side. ::grin::

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