An obsession and a crisis

When I first saw this photo, I thought it looked gross and didn’t think much of it at all.  

The numbers are insane.  510 calories, 75 grams of carbohydrate, 61 grams of sugar, 18 grams of fat with 10 of those being saturated, and 670mg of sodium.

This is  a snack?  Really? Many people think this is cute and cool and funny and will likely try it and not even think twice.  Would your grandmother have purchased one of these?  Did fast-food and junk like this even exist back in the days of our grandparents?  Not to this extent.  There is a reason that our elders were usually of a normal weight and there were very few fad diets back in their days.

If you go back fifty to seventy-five years, you will find yourself in a world that was far less obsessed with food and especially convenience foods.  Obesity is taking over smoking-related illness as one of the most preventable diseases in this country and it is happening at an alarming rate.

Children as young as seven and eight are being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.  Remember when diabetes was classified as juvenile and adult-onset?  Those terms can not be used any longer because so many young adults and kids are being diagnosed with adult-onset diabetes that we now call them Type 1 and Type 2.  This is sad indeed.  Our diets and unhealthy lifestyles are killing us.

I know so many people who do not even cook meals for their families.  They are “too busy” and just eat fast-food or eat out or eat processed and packaged convenience foods 3-6 times per week.  These foods are all fat-laden and full of things made in a lab and not in nature.  This is not what our bodies were designed to consume.

We associate food with pleasure and fun and entertainment.  We created “All-You-Can-Eat” buffets and eating contests.  We have shows on television that are all about people eating these gigantic plates and portions of food and the challenge of it all!  When did this become accepted as normal and healthy?  We now have not one but two food channels on television.

Our kids can identify the logos of the major fast-food chains and cannot even identify the founding fathers of this nation.  How is this not disturbing to more of us?  People actually think we are strange at our house because we do not buy sodas, snack cakes, chips, etc. except for special occasions or birthday parties and large gatherings.  I have truly listened to people sit in my house and joke about how silly we are that we do not let our kids have tons of sugar and junk.  My kids are of a healthy weight and extremely physically active.  Sure they love video games but they also run 4-5 miles a day four days a week and play baseball and basketball and swim daily.  BALANCE!

My kids love good tasty food, but they have also been taught over the last four years, since their mom got healthy and lost 130 pounds, to look at food as it was designed to be- AS FUEL.  There is nothing wrong with enjoying a good tasty meal, as long as it has health benefits to our bodies.  I am not in any way saying that taste shouldn’t be a factor when you eat.  The problem is that we have lost the point as a society and when you combine that with the fact that we have also become sedentary and impatient, the result is a deadly combination of obesity and disease.

The mentality of bigger, faster, more, and extreme is just not healthy. As a society, we define value by the price of something vs the size.  Why do we not understand that a good healthy meal cooked at home with love has a lot more value than a fast-food meal packed with crap that we grab in a hurry?  Our desire for instant gratification is making us fatter and fatter and causing us more and more health problems.

How many of us teach our kids to cook and let them help in the kitchen as our grandparents did with us?  How many of us really truly do things together as a family besides watch TV?  How many of us understand the joy of knowing we are putting good healthy and wholesome food into our bodies while still enjoying the taste?

I urge you to ask yourself these questions.  Take a look at your relationship to food.  Are you obsessed?  What about your kids?  Do they enjoy fruits and veggies and non-processed foods or can you only get htem to eat chicken nuggets and mac and cheese?

There will never ever be a drop in  obesity rates until we start at home.  We have to learn to look at food as it was intended and that is as fuel.  As long as we continue this obsession with food and extreme food, we will continue to become more and more unhealthy and obese as a nation.

Just what is funny or appealing about a place like the restaurant chain called “Heart Attack Grill” where 8000 calorie burgers are served and patrons step on a scale upon entering and eat free of they weigh over 350 lbs?  Their logo literally says “taste worth dying for”…..really?  Are we that obsessed with food as a nation that we would support a place like this?  What are we doing?  What are we thinking?  And we wonder why we are so much more sickly and dying so much younger than our ancestors who lived a much different life?

There is a reason why our neighbors in Europe are not in as dire a situation as we are.  Have you ever been to Europe and seen food portions?  Have you ever noticed the number of people who walk where they need to go in Europe?

This saddens me.  It truly saddens me.  I used to be a person who was morbidly obese and it limited me greatly.  As a child I was teased and picked on and used food for comfort and it became a viscous cycle.  If you have never had a weight problem you cannot understand what that feels like, but I can tell you it is horrid and my goal is to help others teach their kids and teach themselves to develop a healthy relationship with both their bodies and with food and to not suffer the fate I did.

If you have gotten control of your own weight and have kids who are obese, I urge to help them as well.  if we are ever going to take control of this issue, we have to start with kids at a young age and teach them to have a healthy respect for both food and for their bodies.

When your kids do something good in school. find ways to celebrate that do not always involve food and especially high calorie, sugar, and fat- laden food.

We can kick this crisis in the tail if we all start at home and start living healthy lives.  An occasional indulgence is one thing, as long as we have a good definition of OCCASIONAL.

In our Online Training Programs, we discourage calorie-counting as a rule and teach clients to exercise regularly, in a manner that they can keep up with and not to an extreme, and to learn to love and eat healthy food in reasonable portions and they are all living proof that this works when they measure each week and are losing inches and feeling great!

Once you develop healthy habits and know how to eat properly and exercise regularly, you will not need to count calories any longer.

Do it for yourself, do it for your kids, and do it for everyone who loves you.  Break away from the food obsession and break out of the obesity mold we have put ourselves in.  I promise you it will feel great!




About Erin Akey

I am a formerly morbidly obese wife, mother, Christian, author, speaker, water fitness instructor, nutritionist, anti-obesity advocate, and Emerald Ambassador with Plexus Worldwide. I am passionate about helping people fight the disease of obesity and also preventing and addressing obesity in children. I believe we have so many amazing tools available to treat this disease and we all need to take advantage of the ones we feel are right for us. I am also passionate about women taking the time to care for their needs. We live in a world where so many of us spend all of our time taking care of others that we neglect ourselves. I am all about making God the center of everything and letting His will take control of our lives and watching the beautiful blessings come from that release of power! Live, Laugh, and LOVE every day! Be grateful and be humble and watch the world around you change!
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