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The elephant in the…sanctuary. Why does the church avoid this?

Those who know me know that I am passionate about a few things. First off is that I am passionate about God and my faith. I am passionate about my family. Those come first. After God and family, there is … Continue reading

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DO NOT miss this event!

Ben and I have been members of the OAC- Obesity Action Coalition– for a few years.  This is a wonderful non-profit geared towards awareness of obesity-related issues and weight bias and stigmas and education about the disease of obesity. Members … Continue reading

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For Boston- in January

I would be lying if I said the last year has not been hard for me.  It truly has, both personally and professionally.  The afternoon of May 18, 2012 really did change my world forever.  The fall I took in … Continue reading

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Lap-Band new Sponsor of “Fit Living” radio!

I am very excited along with the rest of Team Bariatric Guru, to announce that Lap-Band is the newest sponsor for our weekly radio show “Fit Living”, which airs on Sunday nights at 7:05 PM CST on 106.5 FM. The … Continue reading

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Do YOU know Gwynnie Bee? Oh but you should!

I would be lying if I said I didn’t love to shop.  I really do.  I do have a bad habit though, and I think it’s  one I share with many women.  So-here is the scenario.  You are at your … Continue reading

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One day can change your life forever!

Today is a really special and reflective day for me.  On this day four years ago, I was laying on a gurney, ready to go into surgery.  I was 326 pounds and miserable.  I had gastric bypass on that cold January morning … Continue reading

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Has it really been a year???? Thank you does not really cover it for me!

Today is a really big day in my life.  One year ago today, I was hosting “Fit Living” radio, just starting the Bariatric Breakthrough Challenge conference series, teaching different support groups on the Gulf Coast with Ben, just opening my … Continue reading

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