What is a year worth to you?

We are a society that is all about instant gratification.  Fast food, microwaves, instant grits (southerners) , instant coffee, get rich quick schemes (that never work FYI), and the list goes on and on and on. Many people want a … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary To Me! WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG???!!!

On this day a year ago, there were a lot of thoughts going through my head. Flashback to about six weeks before –  I was not happy with my physical health.  I was a few months out from back surgery … Continue reading

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DO NOT miss this event!

Ben and I have been members of the OAC- Obesity Action Coalition– for a few years.  This is a wonderful non-profit geared towards awareness of obesity-related issues and weight bias and stigmas and education about the disease of obesity. Members … Continue reading

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A Rare Find for this Girl!- Yes I AM in love with this product!

By having my radio show, I get sent products daily to please “try and review”- literally hundreds of products.  Most of you who know me well know that there are FEW I actually will promote or endorse.  I am about … Continue reading

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Wait…..what about your feet?

As a personal trainer and runner who works with others to become endurance athletes after massive weight loss, one thing I see all too often are people who are not taking care of their feet.  This is more common than … Continue reading

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Need a good potato substitute? BUTTERNUT SQUASH!

A lot of us use things like cauliflower as a substitute for white potatoes, but have you ever thought of trying butternut squash?  It is packed with both flavor and nutrition and can be used in so many ways!  I … Continue reading

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Answering your Fit and Flourishing questions!

Since we rolled out the Fit and Flourishing program in May, a LOT of people who both listen to the radio show and who follow us on Facebook have been emailing me asking what it’s all about.  Some have asked … Continue reading

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